Monday, April 20, 2009

Just for Steve

I posted on craigslist for a roommate.....
First Email
Hello, My name is Lizzy Smirth,I am mailing just to confirm if you still have the room for rent . Here is all I can say about my self for now.. I am 27 years old female and I work full time, Monday through Friday. I was born in Uk/ WODGREEN , but I was brought up in ....I work in Mildmay HIV/AID cure, so we travel alot through this because am one of the perfect workers of the hospital or organisation , now i am now in Uk what we do is to give medicine and to advice those with HIV/AIDS ssitive , now our next contract is at the state , so i need to move back to the state, so today when i was on the computer i saw your ad on the site that you have a place available to live in which is near to where my next contract in the state is being available ,then i decided to email you to know if the place is still available , and to know more about it ok
i will like you to email me back if you think i will be the best person to rent the it I am not really a srts person , but I do love Hockey Games.. I am a very out going person and funto be with. I do play organ and piano, and I do have both piano and organ here at my house.I am not a drinker and I don't smoke and I don't do drugs, like bike ridding, swimming, and I love to travel. I am presently in united kingdom and I will be moving to the state to fully start a new life and get my own business after 8 years of service in the HIV/AIDS I will be staying in the Apt/Room for some months even may be up to a year depending on how the lease is drawn i will like you to email me back to my personal yahoomail if you think i will be a good roomie to you , send back to me a message ok..

Second Email

Hello,Thanks for the quick response. I really want to rent the apartment andthats why I got to you,I wouldn't have emailed you if I am not interested inthe apartmentI will be coming to the states as soon as you agree to rent to me.Iwill see the apartment and fill every application as soon as I arrive to you.Ican stay in the room because I am really in need of place to stay in the statesand it must be very soon,I will bw glad if you can rent it to me=2 0and How muchdoes it cost Sharing the Room with you? My company will be responsible for thepayment of the rent.The payment will be made to you on either moneyorders,cashier check or traveller's check.The payment will be made to you byMy company from our customer.The payment comprises of My work payment andTravelling ticket payment because my company said they are going to beresonsible for the payment of the travelling ticket to anywhere I want to rentat.The payment will get to you and all youneed to do is take the payment to a cashing point or Bank,then you deduct themoney for your rent and send the balance which is for the travelling ticket toour storekeeper whose name and address will be sent to you Later.I will like toknow the amount of the place and if deposit and utility is included too.......... Alittle about myself....... I am 27 years of age,I will stay in the place as long as you want me to.I amHonest,faithful and trustworthy person.I am still single and never married.Iwish to rent from someone that have the same quality as mine.I am picky too andneed to know more about who I want to rent from or share with.I can not meetwith you until I arrive to the states after you have agreed to rent/share withme..................................Am open minded too and like to move with people and also to make friends withthem. Before the payment can arrive to you,the following will be needed fromyou:Your Full name.........................................because the payment will be issued out to youin your name .. Home address.................Zip code.........................Telephone #........................All this are needed to ensure quick and easy deliveryof the payment to you..........

1 comment:

  1. I would've suggested the following as a response:

    "I am sorry, but past experience dating a Chicago Blackhawks hockey fan, and the fact that he insisted on listening to a recording of music from Chicago Stadium played on the organ during lovemaking, has turned me off of anything related to both hockey and the organ. I regret that I am unable to consider you as a roommate at this time."

    Of course, the fact that they're obviously trying to get you to deposit their check and refund the balance from your account, before you find out that the check bounced, is kind of an even bigger reason to reject them.