Monday, July 18, 2011

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Last Easter when I was baking buns, I was using a lot of Guinness. I still had a few bottles left over and wondered what I would do with them (I don't really like Guinness/beer so drinking them wasn't an option). I came across this Chocolate Stout Cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen and vowed to make it. Since then, I've been distracted. However, I had to bake a VERY late Easter bun and so I needed something to do with with the leftover Guinness.

This was that something.

I didn't use the chocolate ganache or use the frosting I saw other persons use. But I did use a chocolate Guinness sauce that I found at Recipe Girl.

It is simply delicious! And moist! Bursting with flavour. Guinness and chocolate were made for each other. I was licking the sauce from the pan. And it's taking a lot out of me to not go get another slice of that cake right now.

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