Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pumpkin Chive Rolls - Sourdough Surprises

I must commend Jenni an Shelley for leading Sourdough Surprises. Every month for the last 3.5 years they have chosen a unique item for us to make with our sourdough starters. This month we were given a very open ended theme. Instead of coffee cake or muffins, we were asked to make something with pumpkin. I tried really really hard to think of something that we had never made before. I was blank.

 Sorry, I am just not as creative as Jenni an Shelley. Turnovers were a possibility at one point. And now I am thinking that I coul have made samosas. Ah well. I decided to make these rolls that I saw on TXFarmer's blog. I only changed the recipe slightly - I don't have a rye starter so I use my white starter. I also added a few tablespoons of choppped chives to the dough.

 Since I didn't make any major changes and hers look way better than mine, visit her post for the recipe and shaping instructions. I had a hard time shaping it. That knot is difficult for me but the dough also felt just a bit too sticky. Next time I'll reduce the hydration a bit. Really delicious rolls though. Great sourdough flavour. Be sure to also visit Sourdough Surprises to see all the other pumpkin treats.

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  1. I agree - open ended challenges are sometimes the hardest because there are so many choices! I like the idea of using chives in pumpkin rolls, I would not have thought of that.