Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More about my Brazilian Keratin

OK. So I mentioned here that I used the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy but I haven't updated since. Sorry. I didn't follow directions. You were supposed to wash your hair 2 days after and I waited a but longer because I became extremely busy. You were supposed to keep hair extremely straight during those two days and I can't guarantee that I did that either.

A week later, I wanted to wear my hair curly for a wedding. I had originally wanted to do straight but decided a curly do would look better. All week I had worn my hair down and had received a lot of compliments - the BKT really did make my hair look a little lighter and a lot straighter. One person asked if I had gotten extensions.

We got to the day of the wedding and I was running around a lot. A couple hours before and I decided to wear a different dress - one that required me cutting and sewing a new hem. I rushed through my deep conditioner (still loving La Bomba!) and then quickly threw in my rollers. My hair now dries extremely quickly because of the BKT. I sat under my hooded dryer but I kept moving about, trying to fix my dress, answering the phone. Soon it was time to hop in the shower and my hair wasn't completely dry. The bottom curls were still damp so I ended up running my flat iron quickly through all my hair. In the end, my hair did not look that good but that's really my fault and nothing against the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy. I think it really needs for me to use high heat after getting my hair wet.

As I said before, I will try it again and maybe I will follow the rules - except for the 400-450 degree flat iron. I'm definitely not getting a new flat iron just for this. My hair will also be about 12/13 weeks post relaxer so it will definitely be a better time to see what the BKT does. Another thing to factor in is my moisturizer. My current moisturizer is water based and makes my hair a bit wet. I think I need a more oily moisturizer if I am going to use this treatment.

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