Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eggs Florentine

I have a love-hate relationship with eggs. Some days I tolerate them and other days they make me sick. For unknown reasons I had a craving for Eggs Florentine this week. Well, let me clarify that. I've never had eggs Florentine before so what I was actually craving was a combination of spinach and eggs. I may a spinach and tofu omelet at the beginning of the week and I wanted more. I googled a few recipes and that's when I realized that it called for a poached egg. Hmm. Interesting. I have never poached an egg before. This could get messy.

I followed Emeril Lagasse's recipe and sauteed my spinach, set my water with vinegar and salt to boil and put my bread in the toaster oven. I didn't have white pepper but I added some cayenne pepper to my Mornay sauce. After the required poaching time was up, I opened the pot and stared at my egg. And that's when it hit me.


I don't like runny yolks. I ran to Google. Apparently, the yolks don't have to be runny. They could be "almost set." But something told me that set was not going to happen. I sighed and lifted my egg out of the pot, placed it onto the bed of spinach then poured the Mornay sauce all over it. And you know what? It tasted GOOD - runny yolk and all. I really enjoyed my breakfast and it kept me satisfied for hours.

I enjoyed it so much that I may make a variation of this tomorrow. I'm out of spinach so it may be more like an Eggs Benedict but with sausage instead of Canadian bacon. I won't be attempting a hollandaise sauce though. I like the Mornay - especially with the extra cayenne.

*I've since learned that I can get a hard yolk from a poached egg. I just have to leave it there a lot longer than Emerill suggested.

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