Thursday, June 2, 2011

Organix Brazilian Keratin Take 2

I mentioned that I would be trying the Brazilian Keratin again. I was pretty hesitant because I will be travelling a lot and need my hair to be perfect when I get to a wedding on Sunday (It's currently Wednesday night). Would using the BKT be my best option at approximately 13 weeks post relaxer? Or should I simply relax? After a lot of debate, I decided to try the BKT again. I must say that I like the way my hair felt and behaved after the last time.

Step 1

So here I am, it's 11:38 PM and I just used the pre-treatment shampoo. I only lathered my hair once this time because I washed my hair last night (I added a rinse) and I didn't add any product to it since I knew that I would be clarifying it for this BKT. As soon as my hair gets to what I believe is 80% dry, I will be moving on to step 2 - applying the treatment. Let me just say again that I LOVE the smell of this shampoo. I almost want to taste it.

Step 2

It's 20 minutes later and my hair is pretty much at what I would assume is 80%. My hair dries quickly! I don't know if it's since the BKT or if my hair is suddenly really porous. I came straight out the shower and didn't use my towel at all and the front is barely wet. Time to go apply the BKT.

It took about 20 minutes for me to apply the BKT. I may have over saturated in some areas. I'll know for sure if my hair is smoking. Or maybe it's the right amount if it's smoking. I still have a wee bit left in the bottle! I tried to add more to other areas because it's possible that some areas didn't have enough but figured I would just be oversaturating some areas in the process.

I love the fact that my comb glides easily through my hair after I apply the treatment. My hair felt "clarified" after the shampoo so it's a comfort that it feels "conditioned" when the treatment is applied. Now it's time to wait the 30 minutes until step 3.

Step 3

I just blow dried my hair. I suck at using a brush so I didn't use it much. One day I'll learn. As I mentioned above, I added a rinse to my hair last night - just a temporary colour. I couldn't see it much today which was expected. I didn't use a lot and you often don't really see the colour very well until a few days in. I just blow dried and the BKT seems to have highlighted my colour. I can definitely see it more than before.

Whew. Flat ironing takes a while. I don't have much practice flat ironing so I know that it takes me longer than others. Plus, you are supposed to go over each section 7-10 times. Yes, that's a lot of heat. However, there's a heat protectant in the treatment if that makes you feel any better. I know that some sections didn't get 7-10. None got more than 7. I wonder if I did 7 the last time? Anyway, as usual, my roots aren't super straight. I'm just not good at doing it.

One other thing about flat ironing. It's well, HOT. My hair burned my finger several times! I kept trying to find ways to protect them. I had gloves (not plastic) on my left hand at times but I like being able to "feel' my hair so it felt weird. Other times I would just have to take a break in between. Now that I'm finished, I am holding onto my water bottle for comfort.

Colour - My colour is pretty vibrant right now. Loving it! I would recommend colouring before you BKT. If not, you have to wait a couple weeks.

Flaking - I saw a tiny amount of flaking but it was so little that I attributed it to my own dry scalp before I remembered that this could possibly lead to flaking.

Smoking - very little. I saw some for a few seconds and that was it. My flat iron got a little smoky but it always does if there is any buildup on it so I simply wiped it off.

Smell - I didn't smell much of anything, really. Even when there was some smokiness, I didn't get a strong smell and my eyes weren't irritated. I don't have windows open nor do I have my a/c going.

Waxy buildup - None.

Overall feel of hair - Feels great! I was worried that it would feel dry since it hasn't been moisturized in a couple days but it feels pretty good. Hopefully it still looks and feels good in 3 days when I need it to look amazing for this wedding I'm attending. My biggest concern is that it will be rainy that day and the rain could do bad things to my hair. I think I may go for a half pinned up do to help with this.

Time - That took about 2.5 hours. I was texting while flat ironing my hair so that surely slowed me down.

Now for the hardest part - keeping it straight while I sleep!

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