Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's my birthday and I will cry if I want to

I had big plans for my birthday cake. I saw the' Seven Sins Chocolate Cake and knew it was the one. But this became eight sins for me. 

1. Red wine chocolate cake
2, 3, 4. Dark chocolate pastry cream; milk chocolate mocha pastry cream, white chocolate dulce de leche pastry cream.
5. Milk chocolate & Biscoff frosting.
6. Dark chocolate wannabe-but-really-isn't-because-I-used-the-wrong-recipe-and-it's-too-runny ganache.
7. Filled Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares (raspberry & caramel)
8. All the bad words I cursed when this fell apart last night and 5 minutes ago

So many many things went wrong. Soo sooo soooo many. My kitchen was too warm last night and my layers decided to run from each other. Currently, it's being held together by skewers and I am afraid to cut it. If this were for someone else, I would actually refrost the sides and then pour a thicker ganache to make it look better. But I am over it. 

This picture is taken of the top for a very good reason. The sides are not pretty. Additionally, when I changed positions to get a picture of the sides, all the squares and rosettes slid off. 

Update: After more time in the freezer, I sliced it and snapped a pic before the pastry creams started oozing.

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