Monday, April 11, 2011

Sourdough Bagels

While I haven't quite mastered sourdough bread itself, I was itching to try something new. I wanted to do rolls but I came across a bagel recipe and decided that I needed to try it.

The problem is that most bagels recipes call for high protein flour and malt syrup. I had neither. After lots of searching, I found one that didn't (link later).

But what I really wanted were cinnamon raisin bagels. I figured there was more to it than simply throwing a handful of raisins and cinnamon into my batter. While most of the recipes called for yeast, I did find one that didn't.

I combined features of those two recipes and this one and made a batch of plain, sesame and cinnamon raisin bagels.

The pics aren't the best. I'm much too lazy to charge my camera. But trust me, these bagels are delicious. I may never make regular bread ever again.

Here they are after shaping. I left them to rise.

Here they are after their alkaline bath and seeding.

Out the oven and cooled.


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