Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random Ramblings

  1. I am having a very very bad weekend. 
  2. I just made a sweet potato sourdough loaf. Details tomorrow if it looks good. Actually, I will post details regardless. 
  3. I have no appetite but I know that I need to eat. 
  4. P90X is going ...I guess it's going OK. I skipped a few days over the last couple weeks but the fact that I am still trying is a plus. 
  5. I can't find my tape measure so I can't tell whether or not I have lost inches. I think that I have but I want tape measure proof. 
  6. I definitely lost weight but I am slowly getting to the point where I am eating enough to sustain the workouts. I'm thin. I don't want to be malnourished so I need to get my calories up.
  7. What's that? Why am I P90X-ing if I'm thin? Easy - I have more fat on my midsection than I like. I would love to finally have a flat stomach. Additionally, the health benefits from exercising are good. 
  8. My cholesterol tends to be on the high side. I do not actively try to control it. Well, I did give up my daily two bowls of ice cream so I guess that's control. However, my diet is generally low in cholesterol so I know that it's partly genetic.
  9. Awake is no longer interesting.  I am easily distracted and it requires that I pay very close attention. Also, it is frustrating to only know that they tried to kill his family but nothing else. 
  10. The Firm has gotten very interesting! I know that it has received low ratings but I love it. I love that you get a piece of the main story each week. You're not left disappointed at the end that you haven't learned anything. That's the problem with Awake. 
  11. There's a Mike Wallace tribute on 60 Minutes right now. Loved that man.

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