Monday, January 31, 2011

Baking fail?

Yesterday, I fired up the oven and baked a coconut-banana bread and a sour cream coffee cake. I used my tried and true banana bread recipe and added some shredded coconut to the mix. The result? Meh. First it fell (I had opened the oven halfway through - oops), second it was all browned on top (more brown than usual). I did the toothpick check and it seemed clean but when I sliced in, I realised that it could have stayed in the oven a bit longer. It tastes good but doesnt have a very strong coconut taste. Banana is pretty powerful flavour. I still have more shredded coconut left but I think I will make macaroons with the rest.

As for the sour cream coffee cake. Another meh. It wasn't bad but it just wasn't wow-ing me. I think I probably needed to have added the maple syrup glaze. I was kinda tired and didnt want to be in the kitchen anymore so I skipped it. To be fair though, I haven't had a proper slice of the coffee cake. I will try it again later tonight and see if I still think it is "meh."

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