Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eating out

I hardly ever go out to dinner. I love making my own meals (sometimes) and I often can't justify the cost of an entree when I can create the same at home for much less. Call me cheap, if you will. Or maybe just poor. Anyway, last night I went to Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana.

I looked at the menu online and was happy that they had a wide variety of choices. What would I choose? I had a lot of chicken and pork in the past week and thought I'd go with seafood. However, when I got to the restaurant, I saw that they had oxtail and suddenly I was unsure. Yes, I am very indecisive, why? Right before the waitress took our order, I decided to go with the braised lamb shanks.

Others in my party ordered whole fried snapper, fish filet, barbequed chicken and a seafood creole. Everybody enjoyed their meals. My lamb wasn't necessarily amazing though. It was good but needed a little extra something. However, overall, it was still a good meal. And a good night out with friends. I would definitely return to Versailles to try something else on their menu. Maybe this time, I will get fish.

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