Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yoga X

I hate Yoga X.

OK. Maybe that's a little harsh. The first "problem" is that the workout is 1.5hrs. My brain just cannot seem to accept that I will be exercising that long. What can I say? I'm lazy. I've never done yoga before and have no idea how different Yoga X is from other yoga workouts. However, I just can't seem to get with repeating the vinyasa sequence that many times. Plank, upward dog, plank, downward dog, runner's pose, warrior. Repeat a million times then add warrior 2. Repeat a million times then add backward warrior or something. I guess I can't turn off my mind just yet. The second half of the workout is a lot of poses and some yoga belly. I can't do all the poses but I like them and I love the variety. Today I did about an hour of workout. I was proud of myself. I only sat out 10 minutes of the vinyasa and then random poses like the crane pose that I just cannot do just yet.

Overall it is quite the workout though. I am usually sweating and panting really hard 30 minutes into it. I will keep trying and hopefully, I can turn off my mind and enjoy the 90 minutes without constantly wondering - when will this end? Perhaps there needs to be the option to turn off the timer on the screen. I cant help but focus on the timer - counting down to the end of my workout.

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