Friday, January 28, 2011

Over the holidays, I entered a giveaway on Hysterical Randomness and won a $25 gift card from The night when I entered, I was craving Japanese and looked on and saw that Umami Asian Cuisine was listed and thought I'd go there.

I got the gift card and was asked if I'd like to do a guest post. Awesome! No problem! Would love to! Now I just have to decide on a restaurant and a date. Well,no, I already know the restaurant. I ran over to, typed in my zip code and hit search. Whoa! Where did all those restaurants come from?! They weren't there the night I first looked at this.

Now I'm overwhelmed. Do I narrow my search by location? By cuisine? By cost? Decisions. Decisions. I thought I'd veto Cuban cuisine. Hey, I live in Miami. Cuban cuisine is always a foot away. Do I stick with Asian? Go Italian? The steak house a few blocks away? Oh look! There's Jamaican!! Oxtail! What I wouldn't do for some oxtail right now. Oh man, this is going to be hard.

Stay tuned folks (all zero of you reading this right now)!

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