Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent is here

For the past few days I have been trying to think of something to give up for Lent. I never usually give anything up but I like the idea. So what would it be?
Sex? Too easy. It's not happening right now.
Meat? Not in the mood. Gave it up for 30 days back in November.
Carbs? Too expensive. Gave carbs up for a 6 days last week and it didnt work out very well. I was at a conference and there was to eat were carbs. It was carbs or starve.
Sugar? Hmm...possibility. However, I really don't have that much sugary stuff. When I bake, I give it away.

However, my weight is concerning me so I thought I'd aim to give up sugar anyway. Get rid of any remaining sugar in my diet and try to be low carb as much as possible. Unfortunately, I have some very delicious cake balls at home. I will need to pretend that today is Fat Tuesday and gobble them all up. Then no more for 39 days. We'll see if I make it. Actually, it is more than 39 days since we don't count Sundays. Misleading!!! So no more sweet goodies until April 23. I'm going to a wedding on that day. I will be happily eating cake.

I will be breaking the fast at least one other time too. I will be making Easter buns for the first time. I have to taste them! And it's not like it's that much sugar, right? I could skip the sugary glaze. What was that? I need to find something else to give up? *grumble*

In other news, I am thinking about making some sourdough bread - even making my own starter. I think I will start it this weekend. I will take pics along the way.

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