Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sourdough Day 7 Feeding 7

Mr Sourdough Starter is going to get two feedings today. This is from part impatience and part reading too much.
I found one site that suggested feeding twice per day. I'm pretty sure my starter was probably hungry because I was going beyond the 24 hour schedule. It's supposed to be able to double between feedings. Was mine doubling without me seeing?
I couldn't tell because there's a lot of flour on the side of my jar. I washed the jar - added back half cup of starter, half cup of flour and a little less water. My starter was once again, pretty happy to be fed. Maybe it is pretty hungry. In 12 hours, I'll do it again. I won't if it hasn't done anything though.

My starter no longer has a sour smell. Doesn't smell like anything. Looks like I could be here another week.


Clean jar with a mark to indicate level of starter.

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