Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sourdough Party

I've been itching to make something and since I've given up sweets for Lent ( ice cream cake that I had yesterday doesn't count. I was just being nice to my host...anyway), I can't bake any sweet treats.

I Googled a few sourdough starters. For the most part they are pretty similar, but time consuming and a little wasteful. Throw away half, add more. I just couldn't get with that no matter how inexpensive flour is. I kept searching for cheaper options.

I found one that was simply a small dough but I didn't understand the later process. (I'll add links later.) I had decided to try it but one last Google search led me to a relatively simple looking starter.

1T water
1T flour

That's the beginning away. I'll admit that the actual bread making process looks a little daunting but I figure that if my starter is good, I could probably use a simpler recipe.

I'll try to document each step here - nothing exciting but my blog is pretty dull anyway.

So let the sourdough party begin!

(Sidenote, since daylight savings time started, my start time is technically 3:30 am not 2:30. I forgot about DST when I was making the note).

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