Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sourdough Day 8 Feeding 8

I didn't take pics today. Lazy. It looks the same. A few bubbles on top. I added half cup of flour and a little less water. If the bread experiment today works, I will put it in the fridge.

So the bread experiment. I'm taking a few hints from everywhere for it.

Everyone seems to do an initial proofing of the starter. Some call it a sponge.

 Sourdough Video Recipes takes 1/4 cup of starter, adds half cup each of flour and water, waits 8 hours  and then adds a cup each of flour and water. He then leaves it overnight, I guess. The next step is making a firm starter. Too many steps, too much flour commitment for me since I don't even know if my starter is good. So that's where we'll part ways, for now.

 Vegan Baking adds a cup each of flour and water to a cup of starter then leaves it until it has doubled.

 S John Ross  does the same -although his wait is until its frothy.

I like the simplicity of both their bread making techniques and will be following that if I get to that stage.

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