Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do you use Swagbucks?

I signed up for Swagbucks maybe two years ago. I didn't use it for a while because I switched computers and forgot about it. Wait.. perhaps, I should backup. What is Swagbucks? Essentially with SB you can earn rewards for various things including searching. You probably make several Internet searches per day, right? I use Swagbucks as my main search engine. Let me tell you, it is difficult to not automatically switch to Google. Google rules me. You can use your swagbucks in Swag Store to purchase various items including gift cards.

I really wish I had remembered about Swagbucks before. I made a couple purchases on Amazon recently and I could have used my Swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards. I am glad that I remember now though. I really really want a kitchen scale and I hope that I can find one on Amazon.

If you're interested in some easy cash, you should check out Swagbucks. Please note that all links in this post are referral links.If you sign up for Swagbucks using these links, I will earn referral bucks. If you're OK with that, please do!

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