Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slacking Off

I don't want to exercise tonight. :-( I want to watch Psych reruns instead. Which will win? Psych or P90X? I don't want to skip anything because I know that is  a bad habit to start. However.. I just don't want to.  I did walk for 2.6 miles today so that's exercise, right? Maybe I will just do Ab Ripper X later or something.

I have lost 2.5 pounds so far. I have mixed feelings about this. I don't want to lose weight; I like my current weight. I just want to build muscle. However, I may need to lose "fat" weight before I can build muscle. I also know that I haven't been eating enough. MyFitnessPal tells me everyday that I will lose weight if I continue on that track. I can't wait to get my protein powder. That will be easy calories. I am not a snack-er so it's hard to remember to eat healthy snacks to increase my intake.

Protein update: My coach says that the high protein is necessary to burn extra fat during the first phase of P90X. After that, I will go to a diet where protein and carb are more balanced. Phase 3 places emphasis on carbs. Technically, he already has me on a Phase 2 balanced diet. This is because I don't want to lose weight.

Another episode of Psych is starting so I'm off.

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