Saturday, March 17, 2012

P90X Day 4

I may have mentioned that I do not like Yoga X. It's long and my attention span sucks. But, I decided that I was going to give it a fair shot this time around. I tried. I really did. I started first trying to watch Cold Case (love that show!) while I did it. 30 seconds into that, my mother called. I tried again after I got off the phone with her but something else distracted me. Then I realised that I couldn't do the poses while watching Cold Case. I didn't know the routine well enough and Tony Horton talks a lot during yoga.  So I turned off the TV and watched Cold Case. Then I tried to finish my pie crust (I'll post about that later). After the pie crust, I tried again but my cousin called. Round 3 - my mother calls back. I finally started again without interruptions but after an hour, I was just no longer focused on exercising. I was getting hungry and worried about being dizzy so I gave up. It wasn't that bad though. I think the interruptions helped. I wasn't thinking about the 1000 vinyasa sequences because I kept being interrupted. I'm in it for the flexibility and not the mental aspects so that's fine with me.

Maybe next week I will do more.

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