Friday, March 16, 2012

P90X Day 3

Today was Ab Ripper X and Arm & Shoulders. I forgot how painful Ab Ripper X was. 15 minutes of PAAAIN. I didn't do all the reps. I just can't yet. However, I will eventually. My midsection is the reason I am doing P90X. I have always had a tummy even when I was ridiculously underweight. Yes, I know - very attractive. I hope to push through the next 87 days and come out with a relatively flat stomach.

I didn't do all of arms and shoulders. I think I did about 20 minutes. I know I should have finished up but I needed to go make a pie crust. Yes, I gave up exercise to make a pie crust. I sure do have my priorities straight.

Tomorrow is the dreaded yoga. I am making no promises where that's concerned.

Until then...

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