Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kraft Fresh Take Cheese Breadcrumb Mix - Have you tried it?

I bought a few bags of this last week and just used the Cheddar Jack and Bacon tonight. I seasoned some chicken with salt and pepper (chili & red pepper). After it marinated, I followed the instructions on the bag. It was pretty easy. There is cheese on one side and seasoned breadcrumbs on the other. You open the seal and shake them all together and then toss your meat in.

Verdict: DELICIOUS! I could tell it would have been great before it went in the oven. I am now regretting that I didn't get a few more bags when they were on sale.

Yes, I know you could season your own breadcrumbs and grate your own cheese but this makes things quick and easy. You don't have to get a bag to toss your meat in because it already comes in a Ziploc bag. You should try it out.

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