Monday, March 19, 2012

P90X Day 5 and 6

I'm still hanging in there!

Day 5 was Legs & Back plus Ab Ripper. I didn't finish legs and back. Right now I can't remember why not. It probably was the pain or motivation. However, I know exactly why I did not finish Ab Ripper X. I made it about 10 seconds. I WAS IN PAIN. I was just simply too sore to do it. I knew before I started that it would be difficult. The first exercise is Ins & Outs and I did one "in" and one "out" and I was done. I could have pushed through but I think it is best to listen to my body and last night my body said "NO!" Yes, there are some days I will need to push through but I knew that Day 5 was not that day. It hurt so much to walk up and down the stairs.

And then there was Day 6 - Kenpo. I LOVE Kenpo. I happily did all of Kenpo and could have kept on going longer than the hour. Kenpo is martial arts and it's a different pace from the other workouts. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow. I must admit that I am not coordinated and don't always get the sequences right but I still have fun and keep moving.

Tomorrow is Rest or X Stretch. I think I will do Stretch as my mother pointed out that it really helped her back. I'm looking forward to that. At some point this week I want to talk about my caloric intake.

Until then...

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