Thursday, March 15, 2012

P90X-ing again

I got my mother started on P90X and frankly I am jealous of all her progress. She is doing the Doubles routine and wasn't even in pain! She is twice my age and 10 times as fit. JEALOUS. I was openly happy when she said she felt some pain after her Plyometrics workout. I know that that could be me too. I am just lazy and lack the motivation. So on Tuesday night I dusted off the Core DVD and started again. The push-ups were difficult. I really couldn't manage them but I got through most of everything else. Like the last time, it will take me  a little while to be able to do the entire workout. Tonight I did Cardio and my body is already hurting. I know that I am going to be crying tomorrow but I just have to push through it. It won't be as bad next week.

I even joined a Facebook group and a Beachbody trainer is following me on Twitter. I hope that this will be enough to keep me motivated. I know some days I will want to watch TV or lie in bed instead of exercise but I hope that I will keep doing it. I did it almost every day for approximately 8 weeks before I stopped completely. I hope I can make it to 90 days this time.

This time I am not trying to lose weight. I lost all the weight I wanted to lose (without exercise!) so now it's just about toning, being fit, flexible and building muscle. Do you have a fitness goal?

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